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2500 South Toledo Avenue
Palm Springs, CA 92264


Experience a few quiet hours of "getting away from it all" on over 150 miles of convenient riding trails that provide both solitude and breathtaking beauty. Located in Palm Springs near the Indian Canyons, Smoke Tree Stables offers guided rides by the hour or for the entire day!

Frequently asked questions

DO I NEED TO MAKE A RESERVATION?  No, we only take reservations if you want to go privately. If you are happy to join in on one of our regular rides, you simply show up 30 minutes prior to the scheduled ride time. You can access our complete schedule and pricing on the site under Schedule.


CAN WE GO OUT WITHOUT A GUIDE IF WE ARE EXPERIENCED? We never allow riders to go without a guide. However, if you are an experienced rider you can hire a private guide at an additional fee and ride to your skill level.

WHAT IF ONE PERSON IS EXPERIENCED AND THE OTHER IS NOT? We always ride to the skill level of the least experienced rider in the group.

HOW DO WE SCHEDULE A PRIVATE RIDE? We only book private rides over the phone, please feel free and give us a call (760)327-1372

WHAT SHOULD WE WEAR? We recommend long pants and closed toed shoes. We suggest you stay away from hiking boots or anything with thick sole.

DO WE HAVE TO WEAR A HELMET? Children under 16 years of age are required to wear helmets. While we always recommend wearing one, it is not a requirement for adults.

CAN I BRING A CAMERA? We do not allow anything around your neck. You can take a camera with you in the provided saddle bag, however, we prefer you hand that to your guide to take pictures of you after your ride.

HOW BIG ARE THE GROUP SIZES? We do not take reservations so we never know who is going to show up. If you would prefer to not join in on a group you can always give us a call and schedule a privately guided ride.

HOW OLD DO CHILDREN NEED TO BE TO RIDE? Children need to be 7 years of age to ride on the trail. 

CAN MY CHILD RIDE WITH ME ON MY HORSE? No, we do not allow any double riding.


WHAT IF WE HAVE NEVER RIDDEN BEFORE? Our group rides are geared toward beginning riders. We have a large majority of riders who have never ridden or only ridden a few times in their lives.

DO YOU OFFER ANY DISCOUNTS? Yes, we offer a military discount. Please call for rates.

DO YOU OFFER ANY GROUP RIDES OR RATES? We can cater a ride to your groups needs. Wehave many different options from rides with cookout lunches to evening events and parties. Please call for details